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I’m Eleanor and I couldn’t be more excited that you found yourself here. No matter the reason, I hope something you discover prompts you to get in touch. There’s nothing I love more than new people and the chance to hear someone’s story.

This photo is basically the only time you’ll see me moving fast. In 2015, before I knew how to shift gears or use the blinker, I bought my first motorcycle. That 1970 Honda CB 450 changed my life forever. And I haven’t looked back since (except to check my blind spots). I curiously dipped my toe but then dove in after finding community that is strong and abundant. This isn’t dissimilar to how I go about most things in my life. Usually, I find that going all in suits me best.

Other than when I’m on two wheels, I’m usually trying to disconnect and slow down in some way. Social media work is fast-paced and intense. During off-hours I’m usually grabbing coffee with friends, reading, looking for quiet spaces outside, or hanging out with 1 of my 5 nieces and nephews. (I finally have a namesake! My niece born last fall is named after me.)

I might be one of the most connected individuals you can meet so please, reach out! I’m never more than a message or a phone call away and I have a gut feeling we’ll get along.