When I took control over the GoSmartNC account I had two major goals for using that power for our brand. 

I wanted to create a space that would exhibit not only the usefulness of public transit but also the lifestyle behind it. Some days I'll focus on how combining public transit with teleworking can create an incredibly environmentally friendly work life. Other days I'll showcase the amazing restaurants, bars, festivals, parks, etc. that you can get to by utilizing our system. 

It was also important to develop a distinct brand voice and style so that our followers could build a relationship with our brand. I wanted our photos to be recognizable by having a consistent look and feel. This visual relationship with our audience creates a connection that words often can't on their own. 



In addition to the everyday content I post across our social media channels, I also get to be a part of the concept creation and execution of short and long term campaigns. Most of these last anywhere from 1-3 months and include email marketing, contests, surprise and delight giveaways, graphic development, and an incredible amount of content creation. 


I've been lucky to be a part of the regional rebranding efforts for multiple transit systems in the Triangle area. Though this process is wildly expansive, my team has worked on applying fresh designs and naming structures across our system. This has included everything from new signage inside our buses to switching over all of our social media pages to new account names.