Hello, I’m Eleanor

I’m a social media and communications professional. I ride a motorcycle. I’m killer with people. I lead writing workshops and racial equity groups. I think the internet is at its best when it’s focused on connectivity and relationship. I’m hoping you’re here to learn why you should hire me to work at Microsoft as a Senior Manager in Communications.

I got into this work because of a deep love for people and creating connections. Social media and digital communications were taking off as I was heading into college. At the same time as I was learning to build a social network at NC State I was also learning how to take those relationships digital and maintain them across time and distance. For 4 very long years, my best friend lived 7,000 miles away on a U.S. Navy battleship. It felt like he was around the corner thanks to the connectivity and real-time sharing made possible through technology. There’s magic in that.

Building my career on a desire to develop communications in a digital environment was a natural choice. This work has taken me into small businesses, tech start-ups, advertising agencies, public transit, and local government. I’ve learned how to navigate major communications issues at the intersection of technology, public policy, and social issues.

Every day with the City of Raleigh brings new questions regarding content on our pages, appropriate responses to residents, or press statements on local and national incidents. We’ve had to respond to major events from police shootings and weather emergencies to contentious legal decisions regarding the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ community. I’m extremely proud of the discretion I maintain under this kind of intense pressure while nurturing relationships with the people, businesses, and organizations that make up the fabric of our community. More and more often, that discretion - paired with my hands-on experience - puts me in the room with city leadership on our most challenging and exciting days.

I hope you’ll give me a chance to bring these skills and drive to your team, your challenges, and your community at Microsoft. I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to talk soon.